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Wycoff Knotweed Eradication Project

Update: September 10, 2008

On September10, 2008 Elk State Forest District technician Tim Sherry applied glyphosate herbicide to resprouted Japanese knotweed colonies in Wykoff Run. Three ounces of Accord with a half-ounce of Top Surf nonionic 80/20 surfactant were used per gallon of herbicide mixture.

Besides new sites discovered in September 2008 and sites W 17 and W 19 which were not treated in July, there was very little Japanese knotweed to treat in Wykoff Run. Of the twenty-seven sites previously treated (excluding W 17 and 19) there was minimal small stunted regrowth at four sites and twenty-three sites were negative for the presence of Japanese knotweed in September of 2008. Two of the sites with regrowth (W1 and W3) were not retreated in September of 2008 due to a Penn DOT bridge replacement project.

Four new sites not previously identified were observed and treated in September of 2008—sites W11A, W15A, W15B, & W15C.

The treatments of Japanese knotweed in Wykoff Run and the Quehanna Wild Area are proving to be quite effective. Following the July 2009 treatment there should be little if any knotweed left at the sites previously treated. Monitoring should occur at each of these sites for two years following treatments to make sure Japanese knotweed does not resprout. Additionally, since it appears that the Japanese knotweed is beginning to be transported by flood events through the stream corridor, the Wykoff Run stream channel downstream from site W11 needs to be thoroughly scouted for Japanese knotweed.

Click here to see a complete report on the 2008 update (.doc)

Initial report

On the evening of July 16, 2007, six volunteers from the Bucktail Watershed Association met to begin a Japanese Knotweed eradication effort in Wykoff Run, located primarily in the Quehanna Wild Area on the Elk State Forest. Armed with brush axes and machetes, the six Bucktail Watershed Association volunteers chopped approximately fifteen Japanese knotweed colonies that were growing along side the Wykoff Run Road. Most colonies were located on the banks of Wykoff Run in areas of riprap or at culverts recently placed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

After the knotweed resprouted the Bucktail Watershed Association coordinated with the Elk State Forest to spray the Japanese knotweed on September 26, 2007. Two Elk State Forestry Employees, Tim and Dave, used back pack sprayers to spray the knotweed with a Glyphosate herbicide. Due to the proximity to the stream, Accord was used. Three ounces of concentrated accord were used per gallon of water with approximately 0.5 ounces of Top Surf nonionic 80/20 surfactant used per three gallons of herbicide mixture.

For more detailed information on this project see the project detail (Word document)

For a map of the knotweed populations see the detailed maps (Word document)

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Wykoff Knotweed Eradication
Step #1 - Chop it down!


Wykoff Knotweed Eradication
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